“Integrity” “Service” “Quality”


TEH DIING group was founded in 1980. It is committed to providing product manufacturing services in the global market. It is one of the leading manufacturers of metal OEM in East Asia. It has always upheld high-quality, perfectly successful customer service. It had taken the leading machinery equipment and the original creation of AIT metal processing technology which obtained the patent certification in 1980. It even more aggressively set up factories in mainland China in 1997. TEH DIING group takes Taiwan factory as the R&D base and with the exquisite production of machinery automation, supplemented by the mainland handmade products, professional R & D and design team. From the begging of development and communication of design concepts to completion of production, TEH DIING Group is committed to a sustainable business with “integrity” “service” and “quality”. This persistence also achieved good reputation for gaining cooperation experience with large enterprises.


TEH DIING group has not only the professional R&D technical team but also continues optimizing production lines, quality, and processes. We also have a competitive advantage of "Complete Internal Control Process". There are relevant professionals and equipment support from the development of samples to the final quality inspection. The company has taken several ISO certifications and is committed to the development of full-automatic production, appearance and structure solutions, and has various types of metal processing equipment.